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Because of the University’s international high standard, it is made up of various units and sections, these include the gate house,


Senate Building

Senate building,


Medical CollegeMedical College

the students hostels, IT Centres, cafeterias, sporting village, agricultural farming Areas, Entrepreneurship, good road network, drainage and network sewage systems, three auditoriums,


Twin tower Administrative blocks,

 Twin tower Administrative blocks,

The twin tower will be eight floor building; the first two floors will consist of the auditorium, theatre, cinema, and restaurant.

One of the twin towers will consist of the 150 offices complex for African peace foundation and the second tower will be 150 bed hotel rooms. The hotel beds and the floors of the building proposed can be +/- depending on the African peace foundation specification.  

Workshops and theatres, two hundred and fifty housing unit staff quarters,


Staff Quarters

Staff Quarters

One thousand capacity virtual libraries, a short wave radio complex, science and medical laboratories with well qualified professional lecturers from different parts of the world.


The organ of the University is made up of the Board of Trustees, the Governing Council and the Senate. The principal officers include the Chancellor, the Pro-Chancellor, the Vice Chancellor a technocrat educational management professionals, the Registrar, the Bursar, and the Librarian. Though there are Deputies and Assistants including Deans of the colleges and faculties as well as Directors of academic affairs, student affairs etc.

 Main Auditorum

 Main Auditorum

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