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Welcome to African Peace University, the African Harvard, a replica of the American Harvard in design and envisioned status on African soil.


The challenges of conflict has brought together like minds to initiate different platforms for midwifing peaceful co-existence, especially in our restive youth.

African Peace University is one of such platforms. This platform hopes to leverage on the issues of security, health of Africans, Youth empowerment and infrastructural issues, community development, and hospitality.


To be a tool for strengthening peaceful co-habitation among nations of the world as well as building champions in Africa and beyond.


To make global difference in developing leaders and peace agents in all spheres of life, through devotions to excellence in teaching, learning and research.


The philosophy of the proposed African Peace University is centered on the desire to shift the frontiers of knowledge in order to resolve the myriad of current and future socio-economic challenges in the world, through opening up new ways of ensuring peace by resolving problems.


Our major objectives include:-

  • To resolve youth unemployment dynamics through creativity, resourcefulness and innovative and entrepreneurship spirit.
  • To create an enlightened society with sufficient knowledge base for tapping into the ever increasing economic, social and scientific opportunities.
  • To bring to the developing economies the opportunities in medium and high tech economies.
  • To create awareness of self-reliance, self- actualization and community spirit among our people.
  • To seek to build exemplary leaders who will emulate good standards already in process in Africa and in line with global practices

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